Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to find out more information about HCDS’s products and services, or have any feedback, we would love to hear from you!
Our standard lead time for supply only is generally 10-12 weeks from payment received. This includes the time to take to create our factory drawings for your approval, manufacturing, and then shipping. Where HCDS are installing we will discuss the projects time table and work closely with you to ensure that no delays are caused.

There are options for local made screens. Please call our friendly staff to discuss further and please note that this service will incur extra fees and may not be applicable for every project.

HCDS can provide fixing systems or provide design solutions to how they can be fixed provided that a structural understanding will be provided by your builder.
  • Our standard Aluminium sheet size is 1.2m wide by 2.4m high. The largest sheet size we can provide is 1.5m wide by 3m high. We can cut the screen to the size required for any project
  • Our standard MDF sheet size is 1.2m wide by 2.4m high. The largest MDF screen we can do is 1.2m wide by 3m high.
  • We have no standard sizes with our Aluminium Battens but the max height is 6m. We can go as long a required for each project.
For interior use you can choose from either our Aluminium panels, Aluminium Battens our MDF panels. For exterior use we recommend using our Aluminium panels.
  • Yes, the standard thickness for our Aluminium panels is 2.5mm thick. We can go thicker up to 10mm thick which will increase the cost of the panel.

Please note that the thickest panel we can use with our framing systems is 3mm thick.

  • Our standard thickness for our MDF panels is 12mm thick. We can go thicker up to 18mm thick which will also increase the cost of the panel. All our MDF panels are sold with a solid timber frame.
  • Yes, our standard Batten size is 40x40mm but we can offer various sizes for vertical battens and various shapes and sizes for ceiling battens. We have approx 30 different timber wraps to choose from. Our vertical Aluminium Battens can also be powder coated and these are suitable for outdoor use.
  • We have our own range of HCDS Colours which can be applied to both our Aluminium panels & Aluminium Battens as a powder coat and to our MDF screens as a spray paint. We can also colour match to other powder coat colours to within a 5% tolerance and a physical sample must be provided.
HCDS designer screens have created a range of unique patterns for you to choose from. With each pattern you can then choose the scale that suits your style or design the best. Please note that these patterns and scales are based on panel sizes of 1.2m wide by 2.4m high. As all our screens can be provided in any size the patterns will be amended to fit the size of the screen required.

Yes, you are welcome to provide your own custom patterns as long as it is provided as a DWG file.We will not charge for this service. However, if you require us to recreate a pattern from scratch then this will incur extra charges. Please call our friendly staff to discuss further.

Yes, we create factory drawings for you or your client’s approval prior to manufacturing after payment has been received. If there are any changes or amendments after the initial drawings have been sent, factory drawings will be resent with the amendments and changes until you are happy for us proceed.

Please note that the drawings will be reissued every time a change has been made and will very likely increase the lead time.

While we certainly will provide the screens for you, installation will be based on the size of the project. Please call our friendly staff to discuss further. For projects where HCDS are installing we will come out to do a site measure once payment has been received. For supply only HCDS will not provide a site measure service. For cases where HCDS are supplying the screens, we highly recommend getting a builder to measure and install.
There are so many answers to this question and every project is different. If the project is supply only we highly recommended getting advice from a tradie/builder as they can do a site measure and provide accurate dimensions. While we can supply fixings its best to contact our friendly staff to discuss which fixings may be used. We can provide fixings such as U-Channels, angles, brackets, hollow sections, adjustable pin system and all accessories will be powder coated to match the screen where possible.
We have a number of framing options with our aluminium screens and will depend on the project. Please feel free to contact us to discuss options for your specific project. For artwork or shop signage we would recommend our Wall Mounted Frame System. Or for floor to ceiling screens, either the Solid Timber Frame for MDF panels or our Smart Frame System for our aluminium screens. Our panels can also be supplied as a flat panel and folded edges are becoming more popular.

All our MDF panels will come with a solid timber 40x40mm frame. The thickness of the frame can be amended under special circumstances so please call our friendly staff to discuss further.

While we do provide the screens we have worked closely with another company who can provide the accessories that allow our screens to be moveable whether by using sliding systems or bi-fold systems. Again, this option will be based on the scale of the project so please contact our friendly staff for more information.
Your HCDS product requires some ongoing care and maintenance to encourage its longevity and keep it looking good. The frequency of cleaning will vary according to the required appearance and environment. Where salts/ pollutants are more prevalent such as seaside and industrial areas, a cleaning program should be carried out more frequently.

 Care of Powder Coat Aluminium Screens:

Wash regularly with warm soapy water and mild detergent using a soft cloth (in mild environments every 6 months, and in commercial, industrial, or marine environments, every month). Always rinse well with water, to remove any remaining detergent. Avoid scratching the surface by dry dusting. Do not use steel wool & metallic scrapers. Do not allow dirt or bird droppings to accumulate, dry out, and harden. Never use strong solvents to clean. Dull surfaces can be revived using car polish.

 Care of Powder Coat MDF Screens:

As our MDF screens are only suitable for indoor use it may not require as much maintenance as our outdoor screens. As the panel is thicker dust will gather within the pattern. Use a clean, soft damp cloth to remove the dust particles. Avoid scratching the surface by dry dusting. Do not use steel wool & metallic scrapers. Never use strong solvents to clean.

 Care of Aluminium Battens

Please refer to the care of our Aluminium Screens

For our aluminium screens we provide a 5 year structural warranty against any manufacturing faults and 12 month structural warranty against any manufacturing faults with our MDF Screens

HCDS Designer Screens do not take responsibility for any damage caused by misuse, abuse, or accidents that may have occurred after delivery or installation. Normal wear and tear is also not covered under the warranty. Transportation costs for replacement parts and labour costs for repair or replacements are excluded from the warranty. HCDS Designer Screens will provide repair options and make available parts or complete items free of charge at our own discretion. HCDS shall not be liable for, and specifically excludes, any claims caused by directly or indirectly any event or matter beyond its control, including incidental, consequential or contingent damages suffered as a result.