2 Lead Times | 2 Factories | 2 Prices

HCDS Manufacturing in China

12-14 weeks approx.

We own a factory that manufactures our screens in China as part of the family business. We regularly ship a container from our factory to Sydney every fortnight.

  • 30-40% saving cost compare to Sydney workshop
  • Perfect for large scale projects
  • Perfect for long lead time and tight budget projects.
  • More over-sized materials available.
  • Most products will be assembled as ‘ready to go’ panels which saves on site installation cost.
  • Much higher manufacture capacity and much better technical support.


Manufacturing in Sydney

3-4 weeks approx

We also work with a Sydney based screen manufacturing operation to assist us with urgent orders.

  • Perfect for small scale and short lead time projects.
  • Dulux powder coat colour available
  • Available on a limited selection of products

Regardless which factory and lead time, you will be dealing with our Sydney office for all design and technical support. We will also produce shop drawings for approval, all details including pattern, colour, size, frame, accessories and installation will be confirmed for 100% peace of mind. Please note it is important to let us know your requested lead time when you are speaking with our friendly consultants.