Aluminium Battens


Maximum panel size: No minimum length – Max height 3000mm – (increased heights based on project)
Batten Size: 40x40mm standard tubes – other sizes available on request
Finish: Timber look wrap in various timber colours (Indoor Use Only) – Powder coated to 20 micrometer (Indoor & Outdoor Use)

  • Aluminium Battens can cover any length of wall or create new privacy area. Mainly provided in panel for ease of installation or as single battens for curved areas 
  • Available to order in a wide range of timber finishes or powder coated in solid colours for outdoor use.
  • Timber finishes for indoor use only or powder coated for outdoor use and suitable for coastal areas 
  • Lightweight 

Aluminium Panels

Lasercut Screen Materials

Maximum panel size: 1200 x 2400mm standard (1200 x 3000mm on request, 4.75% extra cost)
Thickness: 2.5mm standard (other thickness on request)
Finish: Powder coated to 20 micrometer
Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

  • Aluminium panels are manufactured using a waterjet or laser cutting technique 
  • These can be finished in a multitude of colours and effects 
  • For indoor use and outdoor use and suitable for coastal areas 
  • Lightweight 

MDF Panels

Lasercut Screen Materials

Maximum panel size: 1200 x 2400mm standard (1200 x 3000mm or 1500 x 2400mm max on request, 4.75% extra cost)
Thickness: 12mm standard (other thickness on request)
Finish: Painted finish

  •  MDF is cut through using a router machine
  • Edges are polished to a smooth finish
  •  Can be painted prior to or after routering depending on whether edges are to be exposed
  •  For indoor and dry use only
  •  For screens exceeding the max size, the panels can be joined together to have a seamless connection (however only available for some patterns)
  • Aluminium screens are mostly seen as decorative furnishings. They are mostly installed indoors or in outdoor shaded areas. However, did you know that aluminium screens can also function as privacy screens as well?

    Screens made out of aluminium are quite flexible. The material itself is considerably easy to work with. This is why screens making use of aluminium as the primary material can double as a privacy screen. Depending on the chosen design and shape, aluminium screens can be a decorative accent as well as a functional privacy screen. The double function of aluminium screens will greatly help home owners and commercial establishment owners save up on costs. Owners can invest a for one furnishing and be able to address privacy needs as well as increase the aesthetic value of their property.

    Aluminium screens can assume various shapes and sizes. This allows for better options when it comes to coming up with aluminium screen size. Aluminium screens are not limited to rectangular and square shapes too. They can be of any shape you desire.

    Designs for aluminium screens are also almost limitless. Through technology nowadays, aluminium screens can be of any design and pattern. HCDS makes use of waterjet cutting technique to accomplish the designs desired by clients and customers when it comes to their aluminium screens.

    Clients and customers can choose from our wide selection of existing pattern designs. Aluminium screens can also take the form of any of our system designs. Choose from any of our framing system designs or our installation system designs for the construction of your aluminium screens. If you do not find the design and pattern you are looking for, HCDS design team will be more than glad to help you out. Coordinate with our team in coming up with various designs for your aluminium screens!

    HCDS has been manufacturing all kinds of screens for commercial properties for years. Being a professional designer screen manufacturer, all of its creations are guaranteed to be of high quality yet affordable in terms of price. HCDS’ screens also come in various designs, patterns and sizes. Pre-fabricated screens and customized screens are the company’s specialty – making us an authority in screen manufacturing in Australia.

    Contact us now and create your very own screen for your venue. Whether you are looking for privacy screens or decorative screens, aluminium screens are sure to fit the whole idea!