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The brilliance and décor, not the mention the elegance that privacy screens can add to the interior of any building interior is just breath taking.  To confirm this sentiment for yourself, you really need to go out and inspect the finished jobs HC Designer Solutions has done for its projects. They are distributed throughout Sydney but they are only one of a kind and you will notice the impeccable workmanship on the first look. Privacy screens that we offer are of unique design and pattern that have never been equalled in Sydney and anywhere else for that matter.

High-end restaurants

You are welcome to view our installation of privacy screen at some of the really high-end restaurants in town such as the Dragon House, Chong Co or the Eyt. The sight that greets your inquisitive search will be rewarded with a dazzling display of impeccably quaint symmetry, colour and elegance. Patrons at these outstanding hospitality joints are constant witnesses to our workmanship talents and they never fail to comment about the exquisite quality of materials, design and patterns that we employ in creating our screens and panels.

Elegant appearance to offices

We not only create a totally new atmosphere to restaurants and hotels in Sydney, we also involve ourselves in giving a refreshing facelift to new and standing offices in and around the city. You can sight our thorough workmanship exemplified at the 35 Smith Street office. One look and you will know we installed the screens. Our Luxland office job, the National University and Hedge in Hare are prime examples of ordinary offices brought to life by our intricate and fine screens that are made from the strongest of materials. Their forms and styles are very attractive and enticing.

The construction materials are the best

Materials that HC Designer Solutions uses for creating its designs are the best on the market. They are strong, resilient and durable with added adaptability and versatility of use. A word of caution for our customers involves their ability to maintain the type of material they choose for their screens. Our range of screens is wide enough to satisfy the needs of a wide range of customers at just the right price. This means that we not only offer the best materials and designs for a variety of uses but we also offer them to suit any budget and that’s offering a lot to our customers.

Contact us

If the installation of a security screen is going to help secure or brighten your premises, contact us now on +61 02 9648 2715 for a free quote and allow us to attend to your wishes.

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Selecting a Product

So what type of privacy screen is right for your space? Below is a simple guide in choosing the right privacy screen.
Think about your space

Be clear about what you want to screen – is it just photographic or is it acoustic as well? Create a list of necessities your privacy screen must meet.

Entry spaces can truly benefit from the use of privacy screens. This is one area where they are becoming increasingly popular.

Decorative privacy screens can be utilized to divide large open plan spaces to generate ‘visual’ rooms. They can also be used to create an acoustic ceiling or wall lining in high noise areas.

Develop a design idea and think about it again!

There are numerous graphic styles and concepts you may choose from, so think about which style would optimally suit the interior look and feel of your own home. A screen is a sculptural bit which you can style in a really personal way; you may even desire to have a family picture laser-cut into the design.

Choose your design materials

Today’s material options and styles are numerous, and seeing contemporary architectural materials meeting with customary concepts is nothing short of remarkable.

Consider the maintenance, cost and quality of your screen

There are some privacy screen materials that require some amount of care. In choosing the material of your privacy screens, make sure you think about how it is maintained to ensure that you will be able to properly maintain it in the future.

Compare the costs and quality of all these materials. Choose a privacy screen that is within your budget without compromising the quality.

HCDS is a growing company in the field of producing quality and cost effective aluminium screens. We endeavour to deliver the most cost effective way of moulding Aluminium Screens to help our customers outdo their competitors with an exhilarating play of shadow and light.

We specialise in manufacturing a broad range of steel and Aluminium fixed and adjustable louvres, security and shade solutions for homeowners, lattice and slatting products to provide state-of-the-art privacy, plantation shutters, home renovators, project builders, property developers, architects, commercial and industrial property owners along with councils.

With every piece of our steel and aluminium shade, privacy and screening produces custom-made and manufactured to your terms, we offer complete tractability not only in design, but also in selections of colours, styles and sizing.

Selecting a Design

Pattern Designs

Choose from our range of Patterns

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Frame Designs

Choose from our range of Frames

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Colour Samples

Choose from our range of Colours

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Information You Need to Know


Choosing the right Material

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How to Specifiy your Space

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Care & Maintenance

How to Care & Maintain your Product

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Ordering a Screen


Step 1. Review the space and design you are looking for

Step 2. Measure up your space allowing for tolerance and fixings

Step 3. Contact us for a quotation or to book an appointment

Contact HCDS for a Quotation or to Book an Appointment!

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